Training Objectives:

Understanding the Strategic Role of Pricing on Profitability

Building a foundation for understanding the impact of pricing strategies and pricing power on a company’s asset value and profitability.

 Utilizing Pricing Processes for Improving Revenue Management

Developing real time processes for linking pricing actions to the P&L. Measuring, monitoring and obtaining actionable business impacts for improving profitability.

Using Data Analytics to measure, monitor and provide actionable insights for price and margin improvement 

Develop tools to measure price, cost, mix, volume and price elasticity and their impact on margin management. Includes pricing software and live demonstrations.

Session 1: Pricing Power & Strategies

•         The Power of 1%

•         Pricing Strategies

•         Value Based Pricing

Session 2: Pricing Processes

•        Price Waterfall

•        Closing The Pricing Loop & Profitability

•        Segmentation Overview & Pricing Actions

Session 3: Price Setting

•        Segmentation – In Depth

•        Conjoint Analysis

•        Price Implementation & Execution

Session 4: Data Driven Pricing Analytics

•        Price, Margin & Profitability

•        Pricing Analytics

•        Price Elasticity

•        Pricing Software




The Pricing Analytic Group offers both corporate and academic pricing training and instruction on either an onsite basis or through the internet. Each 4 hour session is interactive and includes instruction, breakout sessions, and course reading materials. 

Sessions and instruction material can be customized for our clients overall pricing and profitability objectives. 

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