​​The Pricing Analytic Group 
The Pricing Analytic Group is a global pricing practice assisting our clients with price management, analytics, strategy, optimization and training services to B2B markets, maximizing profits through pricing excellence.  

Our clients realize significant operating profit improvements through price setting analytics & strategy, using
Plan & Control, Closed Loop Pricing Processes, linking company data, forecasting and pricing actions to improve your P&L and financial performance. Price improvement of ~ 1 - 5%+ of sales is achievable with constant unit volume.

Analytic Softwareprovides granular data on price performance, cost, product mix, elasticity and net volume changes and their impact on gross margin. ​These analyses evaluate product, customer, market and sales channel performance utilizing micro-segmentation throughout your business portfolio. Enabling software sets pricing for all your products and business segments.
Tableau BI Visualizations provide superior analysis opportunities.

​   This means maximized price performance and profit improvement.

​We improve pricing for incumbent and new products with value based and stage gate pricing principles, pricing audits and developing effective pricing strategies.

If you do not have a pricing department, let us be your pricing outsourcing connection with on-site or remote training, price setting analytics, workshops or pricing engagements.
We are pricing consultants and business partners with Ralph Zuponcic, President of PricePoint Partners. Price Point Partners is a team of senior-level pricing experts dedicated to solving the pricing challenges of manufacturers and distributors. 

In partnership with the Pricing Analytic Group, PricePoint Partners provides a complete program for value based selling.
The Selling for Profit™ onsite sales training program equips your business to business sales team to win over even their shrewdest customers. 

The Pricing Analytic Group is a services partner for
LeveragePoint Innovations, the only cloud based pricing software platform for value based pricing & selling. We provide consulting services for companies considering a value based pricing strategy as well as LeveragePoint's Value Based pricing software.             

As an educational partner for
Zilliant, we offer price optimization and strategy consulting services to assist companies in understanding methodologies to improve profitability when using enabling pricing software.

​Dick Sobel & the Pricing Analytic Group presented at the:

Spring 2015 Professional Pricing Society Conference in Dallas, Texas on May 8th, 2015.